About / FAQ


About / FAQ


Welcome to the webshop! 

Some frequently asked questions: 

How do you make these illustrations? 

The block prints are carved by hand out of a piece of linolium or rubber, and handprinted one by one at my home studio. : ) 

The ceramic items are made by me at my dad's studio, all items are handmade and hand painted. So you'll definitely find some imperfections here and there, but that's part of the charm ;) 

I don't have Paypal or a creditcard. Now what? 

Then we can solve this the old fashioned way. You send me an email request, I'll send you an invoice, once I've received the payment I'll send everything over.   

How and how often do you send your orders out? 

The posters and postcards are properly packed in board backed envelopes, so they'll most likely survive whatever these mail guys sometimes end up doing to packages. Some of the bigger prints go in a mailing tube. I always try to ship within 2-3 days, if there is any kind of delay you'll hear about it.

Shipping the ceramic items requires a lot of "cushioning" cause I want them to travel safely. For this I try to use recycled material as much as possible, so don't be surprised if your order arrives stuffed in 3 different types of bubble wrap. 

Oh no! It did arrive messed up!

Although I try everything in my power to ship as safe as possible, you never know what happens on the road. If something arrives folded or in pieces, please send a picture of the items + packaging to hello@vonikdesign.com and we'll figure it out together. 

What the frick is 'vonik'? 

Well, a long long time ago, when I was a little 13 year old girl, I considered myself being pretty badass, so I ended up spray painting a bike tunnel (legally, ok, I wasn't that badass) and there were some proper graffiti dudes working on the same tunnel, who enlightened me with the fact that you're supposed to use a nickname instead of your own... That's where it started, and the name kind of stuck.  

Do you also work commission based? 

Jup, for sure! : ) Please check my portfolio/website for more info about that or just email. 

Are yellow and turquoise your favourite colours? 


Thank you : )